5 Proven Ways Leaders Can Relieve Pressure and Empower Mid-Managers for Success

by Kim Fitkin - 2/29/2024

5 Proven Ways Leaders Can Relieve Pressure and Empower Mid-Managers for Success

Your managers are being squeezed.

And something’s gotta give.

Constant pressure from up top coming from leadership, and the demands from bottom, the people theyre leading.

It’s suffocating your mid-management team.

The result?

– Burnout – Disengagement – People leaving jobs

Mid-managers are the critical glue in a company.

They translate strategy into action, build engagement, and drive performance.

When they struggle, it trickles down and affects their teams (and your clients).

Leaders, here’s how we can fix this 👇

  1. Improve communication

– Be honest, transparent, and open sooner – Stop hiding behind closed doors and start talking (really talking) with your managers

  1. Offer training and development

– Ask THEM what they need to be successful - then deliver it – Investing in their growth is an investment in the company

  1. Recognize and appreciate

– Spend time with your team and show them how they’re valued – Connect with them genuinely and thank them often

  1. Promote work-life balance

– No after-hours call, no late-night messages, no slacks that can wait until tomorrow – Lead by example and show that you take their life part seriously

Your mid-management team is your performance multiplier.

They’re connected to the team getting the job done.

Treat them well, and your team and clients will feel it.

And the squeeze wont feel so tight.

As a mid-manager or leader, how are you managing the pressure?

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