6 Essential Tips for Leaders: How to Harness the Power of 360-Degree Feedback for Personal Growth

by Kim Fitkin - 3/5/2024

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I get nauseous every time I read them.

I’ve kept every 360-degree feedback survey I’ve had as a leader.

And read them about every 6 months.

It still feels like the first time.

– My heart rate increasing – The sting of negative feedback – Instinct to deny the bad comments – The feelings of doubt and insecurity taking over

Even when 90% of the feedback is positive.

The negatives are both overwhelming and humbling.

I read them to keep me grounded.

To remember where I was and what I’ve learned.

And the positives fuel my motivation.

To see the impact I made on a group of people.

👉 These surveys are effective for a leader’s growth when we take the right steps and action.

Here are 6 tips to get the most out of your 360-degree feedback.

Giving and receiving feedback is important for every leader.

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