Emotional Intelligence

Explore the role of emotional intelligence in leadership. Discover how to manage your emotions and understand those of your team to enhance decision-making and foster a positive work environment.

10 Actionable Steps: Amplify Your Leadership Skills by Harnessing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Avoid this mistake with emotional intelligence (EQ). Many leaders know EQ is important. So they learn the definition of it. Maybe even do an EQ assessment. But the growth stops there. 👉 Emotional intelligence distinguishes 90% of top performers from their equally skilled peers. (Harvard Business Review) Leaders who develop their EQ are more likely to. – Make better decisions when they understand … read more


Overcoming Compassion Fatigue: How Leaders Can Balance Empathy and Self-Care

Empathy can burn out leaders. If you’re not careful, compassion fatigue sets in. Great leadership is more than spreadsheets and meetings. - Its... read more


3 Crucial Reasons Great Leaders Embrace Their Weaknesses to Foster Stronger Teams

Leaders aren’t great at everything. People expect you to: - Be a salesperson who can close - Be able see and predict market changes - Be a... read more


5 Powerful Ways Leaders Harness Intuition for Effective Decision Making

Im not a big data person. I always thought it was a weakness of mine in a leadership role. Ive relied on my intuition to make decisions. And its... read more


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