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6 Essential Tips for Leaders: How to Harness the Power of 360-Degree Feedback for Personal Growth

I get nauseous every time I read them. I’ve kept every 360-degree feedback survey I’ve had as a leader. And read them about every 6 months. It still feels like the first time. – My heart rate increasing – The sting of negative feedback – Instinct to deny the bad comments – The feelings of doubt and insecurity taking over Even when 90% of the feedback is positive. The negatives are both overwhelmi… read more


10 Actionable Steps: Amplify Your Leadership Skills by Harnessing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Avoid this mistake with emotional intelligence (EQ). Many leaders know EQ is important. So they learn the definition of it. Maybe even do an EQ... read more


10 Effective Ways Leaders Can Transform a Team Member's Rough Day into Positivity

Your team member might be having a rough day. You don’t know what happened this morning... – Sick kid kept them up all night – Upset client sent an... read more


5 Proven Ways Leaders Can Relieve Pressure and Empower Mid-Managers for Success

Your managers are being squeezed. And something’s gotta give. Constant pressure from up top coming from leadership, and the demands from bottom, the... read more


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