Leadership Styles

Dive into the various leadership styles that can shape the success of your team and organization. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each style and how to adapt your approach to different situations.

Balancing Act: How Successful Leaders Juggle Contradicting Advice Without Losing Their Team's Respect

Leaders who don’t learn how to balance advice will struggle. And you’re bombarded with it, pulling you in opposite directions. – Be decisive, but open to ideas – Be approachable, but maintain authority Its like being told to run and stand still at the same time. How do we know which advice to follow? – Lean too far one way, and youll alienate your team  – Too far the other, and you lose their … read more


Master the Art of Leadership: How Adapting Goleman’s 6 Styles Can Build Trust and Drive Success in Your Team

Only 23% of US workers trust their leadership. And 95% fully trust leaders when they can do these things. – Communicate well – Inspire confidence –... read more


Master Your Leadership: 5 Essential Types of Feedback Every Leader Must Know

Here’s how to master feedback. Start by knowing these 5 types of feedback 👇 [1] Direct Feedback – Ideal for day-to-day coaching or when you need... read more


4 Powerful Stoic Principles That Transformed My Leadership Style

I stumbled onto stoicism when I needed it the most in my life. I went through a tough personal challenge. And I was unsure of how Id get through it.... read more


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