92% of managers feel unprepared for the future of work — Gartner

That's exactly why I built this course.

To give you the information and tools to conquer imposter syndrome, build resilient teams and become a leader people will follow.

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Leadership is challenging
... and often overwhelming

You’ve seen the impact that great leaders have — teams that outperform, projects that deliver, and _ workplace culture that everyone wants to be part of_ It’s inspiring, and you know deep down that’s the leader you want to be.

So you start leading, making decisions, and trying to inspire your team. But it’s not long before the reality hits you—this is harder than it looks. Some team members seem accountable while others are not, your delegation ends up creating more work, and despite your best efforts, the team’s performance is not where you want it to be.

You’re perplexed because you’re good at what you do. Really good. But translating your individual success into effective leadership has been a puzzle.

This leaves you wondering, “Do I even have what it takes to be a great leader?”

Does this sound familiar?

You excel in your role but have a tough time holding team members accountable

You're torn between not wanting to micromanage and fearing giving up control

Your constructive feedback can backfire, creating resistance instead of growth

You dread tough conversations, focusing too much on emotions and reactions instead of the results you want

Figuring out what motivates each team member feels like a mystery

Building trust within your team feels like an uphill battle

You want to foster a culture of innovation, but hear 'this is how we’ve always done it.'

Leading your team through change feels like you're moving in slow motion

If this resonates with you, you're not alone. Like many leaders, you've been given outdated advice, unrealistic expectations, and left to lead without a guide.

I'm here to offer you a different path.

What you will get from this course

Modern Leadership

Modern Leadership

6 diverse modules covering leadership solutions from this century

Practical Tools

Practical Tools

Walk away from each lesson with actionable leadership techniques

Your Leadership Style

Your Leadership Style

Discover and refine your unique leadership identity

Better Feedback

Better Feedback

Learn effective methods of giving and receiving impactful feedback

Empathy Training

Empathy Training

Enhance your EQ to lead with understanding and empathy

More Motivation

More Motivation

Unlock secrets to motivating your team and individuals effectively

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Your journey as a leader

When I was an executive I spent 10s and 100s of thousands of dollars on leadership coaches, courses, book, and consultants. I spent over a decade developing my leadership philosophy, learning what works and how deep personal connections make leaders better.

Talking to my peers across every industry I was frustrated to see that so few leaders had access to the same information and tools.

So I took over decade of learning and turned it into a course for you that is...

Accessible - Written for leaders at every level; just starting or years of experience
Affordable - 25x cheaper than the same information from coaches and consultants
Actionable - Every lesson gives you information and tools you can apply today

Here's what you'll find inside.

  • Introduction & Working With Kim
  • How To Use The Course & Course Goals
  • My Leadership Philosophy
  • What's Your Leadership Style?
  • Create Your Own Leadership Philosophy
  • Addressing Emotions
  • What Is EQ? And Why Is It Important In The Workplace?
  • EQ Self Assessment
  • Lesson 1: Self-Awareness
  • Lesson 2: Self-Regulation
  • Lesson 3: Social Awareness
  • Lesson 4: Social Regulation
  • Lesson 5: Motivation
  • What Empathy Is And What It Isn't
  • Developing A Plan For Continuous Improvement
  • The Results Of Bad Expectation Setting
  • 5 Ways To Set Better Expectations
  • Lesson 1: Clarity Of Expectations
  • Lesson 2: Align Expectations With Company Goals
  • Lesson 3: Communication
  • Lesson 4: Flexibility
  • Lesson 5: Accountability
  • Creating A Culture Of Accountability
  • What You Should And Shouldn't Delegate
  • Mistakes Managers Make When Delegating Work
  • Lesson 1: Set Expectations, Not Rules
  • Lesson 2: Balance What You Delegate
  • Lesson 3: Match Tasks With Talent
  • Lesson 4: Equip, Then Step Back
  • Lesson 5: Recognize Good Work
  • Lesson 6: Review & Feedback
  • Why Feedback Is Valuable (And Why Leaders Avoid It)
  • Feedback Skills Self-Assessment
  • Lesson 1: Be Direct
  • Lesson 2: Show Compassion
  • Lesson 3: Be Timely
  • Lesson 4: Be Confident
  • Lesson 5: Create Psychological Safety
  • Lesson 6: Be Curious
  • Lesson 7: Take Ownership
  • Lesson 8: Follow Up
  • How To Receive Feedback
  • How To Create A Feedback Friendly Culture
  • Wrapping Up, Resources, And Take Action
  • Why Tough Conversations Are Hard And What They Have In Common
  • Lesson 1: Performance Issues
  • Lesson 2: Behavioral Problems
  • Lesson 3: Resolving Internal Conflicts
  • Lesson 4: Managing Up
  • Lesson 5: Resource Limitations
  • Lesson 6: Career Development & Growth
  • Lesson 7: Firing Someone
  • Wrapping Up, Resources, And Take Action
  • Module Goals
  • Core Values
  • Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic Motivation
  • Identifying Individual Motivators
  • Identifying Individual Motivators - Lesson 1: Behavioral Observation And Feedback
  • Identifying Individual Motivators - Lesson 2: Importance Of 1:1 Conversations
  • Identifying Individual Motivators - Lesson 3: Motivational Assessments
  • 4 Ways To Create A Motivating Environment - Lesson 1: Encourage A Growth Mindset Culture
  • 4 Ways To Create A Motivating Environment - Lesson 2: Provide Autonomy
  • 4 Ways To Create A Motivating Environment - Lesson 3: Connect With A Purpose
  • 4 Ways To Create A Motivating Environment - Lesson 4: Provide Opportunities For Skill Development
  • Wrapping Up, Resources, And Take Action

You get more than a course

Digital courses are great — but learning with real leaders is better.

Everyone that takes the Leadership Evolved course gets access to me and a community of leaders who care just as much about growing themselves and their teams.

Learn together with other leaders

While Leadership Evolved is designed as a self-paced course, we offer an exclusive 6-week cohort program within our community, held three times annually. This unique opportunity is crafted to give new participants a deep, community-centered learning experience.

During this period, you can attend live sessions led by Kim Fitkin, diving into key leadership topics, engaging in discussions with fellow leaders, and getting answers to your questions.

Our upcoming cohort is scheduled to start next month.

Access to 1:1 coaching

I would love to talk to you and learn about why you became a leader and what challenges you're facing.

Leaders enrolling in Premium and Exeutive packages can access to a 1:1 intro call with Kim Fitkin and dedicated check-in calls during and after they finish the course.

A community of leaders

Leaders grow best when they grow together. Everyone who completes Leadership Evolved course gets an invitation to join our Slack community space.

It's a place where we talk about the unique and new challenges we run into, get support and advice from our peers. Or sometimes just vent and share giphys. 😂


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